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Our success and company history.

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Who are we ?

We are a company specializing in Online trading solutions across multiple platforms and modern technologies. Having started in early 2009 with more than 20 partners and technical employees.

AlarbyaKSA has been an innovative pioneer
in online trading since 2009.

The company was created as a combined effort of financial
professionals and experts in web-commerce with the goal
of perfecting the online experience for retail traders.

Our Vision

AlarbyaKSA is committed to empowering people to invest and trade, with confidence, in an innovative and reliable environment; supported by best-in-class personal service and uncompromising integrity.

Customer First

We start with a focus on customers where specialised expertise, attention to detail, and follow through are seen as important aspects to all of our interactions.

Trusted by more than 2 million individuals worldwide

Since our launch in 2014 over million people worldwide have chosen AlarbyaKSA as their trading partner and thousands of new traders continue to join us every month.

Global regulation and segregated funds protection

We are regulated in multiple jurisdictions and across all these services we offer full segregation of funds for retail clients. Wherever you are in the world we hold your funds with top tier banks, fully segregated from assets of the firm.

15+ industry awards

We’ve built our business around helping clients to trade and we’re delighted that our efforts have been recognised with over 15 awards since 2011.